Odysseus Gambit (12:00)

Plucked from his Cambodian homeland as a child by the U.S. military and adrift ever since, Saravuth Inn maintains his livelihood and sanity by playing chess in the heart of NYC. A documentary about life, chess, and the moves that don't pay off.


Director, Cinematographer , Editor: Àlex Lora
Producer: Valerie Delpierre
Editor: Àlex Lora
Sound: Àlex Lora, Carlota Royuela
Music: Àlex Lora
Cast: Saravuth Inn

Awards (Partial)

Golden Dragon for the Best Short at 52nd Krakow Film Festival -Oscars Qualifying- (Poland)
Nominated for the Best Short by the IV Gaudi Catalan Academy Awards. (Spain)
Vimeo Awards Finalist Nominee (USA)
Best Short Documentary at Metropolitan Film Festival of New York (USA)
Best Documentary at Sardinia Film Festival (Italy)
Best Documentary at Fibabc Film Festival (Spain)
Best Documentary at Soria International Film Festival (Spain)
Best Cut at Medina del Campo Film Festival (Spain)
Metropolis Award at VAD Girona (Spain)
Special Jury Mention at Intermon-Oxfam Actua International Film Festival (Spain / Latin America)
Best Movie at Festi.Dok 2011 in Girona (Spain)
Best Documentary at SediciCorto International Film Festival of Forli (Italy)
Best Documentary short by the Dieciminuti International Film Festival (Italy)
Best Documentary at the u.frame International Film Festival of Porto (Portugal)
Best Documentary at Berriozar Ficbe Film Festival (Spain)
Best Documentary at Visual Sound Barcelona Film Festival (Spain)
Award RTP2 Onda Curta at Tous Courts at Aix-en-Provence (France)
Award of Merit at Accolade Film Festival (USA)
Nominated as the second best documentary at Baumann Terrassa Film Festival (Spain)
Nominated for the Best documentary at Parnu Film Festival (Estonia)

Official Selections (Partial):
28th Sundance Film Festival (USA)
and 80 others


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