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Megan Sperry

Producer and Co-Director of THE DOMINO EFFECT

Megan Sperry(Hunter IMA/MFA program) is an artist, activist and documentarian who lives in Jersey City, NJ. Her projects range from documentary films to published news articles, still photography and multimedia installations. She has been involved with many organizations in New York City, including The BLK ProjeK, Libertad Urban Farm, Green Bronx Machine, NAG [Neighbors Allied for Good Growth], The Greenpoint Reform Church and W.O.R.T.H [Women on the Rise Telling HerStory]. Megan has also contributed to The Greenline, a community paper in Greenpoint Brooklyn, and the Hunts Point Express, a community paper that serves the Hunts Point and Longwood neighborhoods of the South Bronx. In addition to creating social messages, Megan is interested in training under served communities how to utilize multimedia tools as a resource to advocate for social justice.